Our Mission & Motto

  • To impart progressive and quality education which takes into account the changing needs of the countiy and the demands of a competitive society.
  • To put the students in possession of such skills as it will enable llicm to face life with confidence and to give a good account of themselves.
  • To create in the students a concern for fellow human beings and to bring home to them the basic dignity, equality and interdependence of all people.
  • To help students identify and develop their potential to the maximum extent so that education becomes an on – going process of personality development as well.
  • Above all, to inculcate in the minds of the children the basic moral values and to make them realize the full import of the biblical maxim: “To fear the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom”.

St. Antony’s Public School was established in the year 1988, the school has already made its presence felt in the education field of Kerala within a few years. SAPS has become one of the most sought after CBSE schools in the state.

4500 Students

250 Staff

100 Class Rooms

14 Buses

St. Antony of Padua

St. Antony of Padua [15 august 1195 – 13 june1231] was a Portuguese catholic priest and friar of the Franciscan order.He is very much loved by Jesus that, he was even seen holding the child Jesus in his arms, unspeakably beautiful and surrounded with heavenly light, due to which St. Antony is often depicted holding the child Jesus.We, from the beginning till now, have become whatever we are with the abundant blessings of the lord almighty through the assistance from our heavenly patron St. Antony of Padua. He is exemplary, for the teachers as one among the best teachers of all times, for students by the obedience, respect and sincerity he possessed and to all of us by the great message of love, humbleness and sacrifice he shown us through his life. His words and deeds provide us with complete guidance and constant leadership to service in love. And as the holy bible say, “ By God’s grace, we are what we are.”[1 Cor. 15:10].

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